Friday, July 22, 2011

the journey ahead

Bonjournio from Florence!

So I've been in Italy for nearly 2 weeks now. We started off our journey in Rome.
On our first day we got lost for over 4 hours in the blistering heat which ultimately lead to me balling my eyes out in the underground.
When in Rome we drank red wine ate pasta ate pizza ate pizza ate pasta drank red wine and oh yeah saw the Vatican, Sistene Chapel... and the Colosseum. I had my first Zara experience, bought lipstick from Kiko but no new clothes yet.

We then hopped on the bus and went to Siena... a chilled few days, wondering around the beautiful terra-cotta city and drank more red wine... Chianti. I've also been boring everyone with my facts and knowledge about art and ancient history.

So now I write this from my hostel in Florence. Last night we got drunk to say the least with our bus guides and fellow Aussies. I dragged Ange on stage and together we broke our Karaoke virginity singing BEP's 'Where is the love' by no choice of our own... we sang and danced infront of over one hundred fans... it's pretty... um... funny the person you become when your not in your home town.

PS: Apologies if I've spelt any of the places wrong.

b o w s <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 sleeps

I've been nonstop busy and haven't been keeping up with the blog world lately with only 4 sleeps to go before I move overseas.

What's up?

I'll try to hop on again before I go if not I look forward to blogging from somewhere in the world and sharing my photos and and what I've been up to.

Also there is an Italian guy cooking on TV as I'm writing this it's getting me excited to eat pasta and drink wine. mmmmm!

First stop Seoul then Rome!

b o w s <3